Chris Barfitt

Full Stack Developer

Software Developer

I am self taught senior programmer with over fifteen years of experience. My first contact with code came in the form of working on a website for my Neopets Guild and it went on to become a passion I would later on change into my career.

Screenshot for North American Concrete App

North American Concrete App

A project management web app created for North American Concrete to help organize work flow and communication within the company.

One of the challenges faced was selecting the best database access layer for the real time chat service. After experimenting and reviewing several potential solutions, I made the decision to use AuroaDB, and write a custom resolver for GraphQL. This approach made a fast, reliable, and reactive chat service.



Screenshot for Thermite Framework & Apps

Thermite Framework & Apps

A framework created with the purpose of being able to quickly build multiple custom apps on a platform that shares data and structure for an organization so they are specific to their needs.

The apps created on this Framework include; Automated Inventory Tracker, Vacation Tracker, CRM, and a Shop Scheduler.

One of the biggest challenges I had to overcome while designing and implementing Thermite was working with an immature framework's (.Net Core 1 & ASP.NET Core 1) with limited documentation and few working examples. To overcome this, I learnt how ASP.NET Core worked, and how to implement features by looking over its source code and following execution paths.



Screenshot for Social Leads

Social Leads

An automated service that takes form leads from Facebook and converts them to automotive industry standard ADF format for sales reps to be used in their CRM's, removing the need for manual lead retrieval.



Screenshot for Writers Community of York Region

Writers Community of York Region

The Writer’s Community of York Region is a not-for-profit organization and their website is WordPress based. I inherited it from the organizations previous Webmaster and my projects on this website have been backend code based. They include the updating the theme, site optimization and bug fixes.



Screenshot for

This is my portfolio website. It is based on the template by Chris Dermody.

I have slightly modified his template, and implemented it into PirahnaCMS. In the process, I created a custom Docker container, and created a custom Page type for the Portfolio. So I can list the Languages, and technologies used for each project.



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